7. Taxation

Current taxation – charge for the year19.723.8
Current taxation – adjustments in respect of previous years(0.2)(0.5)
Deferred tax (see note 19)5.8(0.5)

UK corporation tax is calculated at 23.25% (2012: 24.50%) of the estimated assessable profit for the year. Taxation for other jurisdictions is calculated at the rates prevailing in the respective jurisdictions.

The charge for the year can be reconciled to the profit per the income statement as follows:


Profit before tax98.490.0
Tax at the UK corporation tax rate of 23.25% (2012: 24.50%)22.922.1
Tax effect of expenses that are not deductible in determining taxable profit(6.1)0.3
Deferred tax assets recognised0.9(2.8)
Tax effect of other adjustments in respect of previous years:
Current tax(0.1)(0.5)
Deferred tax(0.2)(1.7)
Effect of different tax rates of subsidiaries operating in other jurisdictions7.95.4
Tax expense for the year25.322.8

Tax on items taken directly to equity is a charge of £0.4m (2012: credit of £2.4m).

Tax on exceptional items is £0.2m (2012: £1.3m).