7. Capital and reserves

Share capital:

Ordinary shares (allotted, called-up and fully paid)

Number of
At 1 January 2013191,424,08833.1
Allotted in the year32,084
At 31 December 2013191,456,17233.1

Details of share options in issue on the Company's share capital and share-based payments are set out in note 26 to the consolidated financial statements.


Share premium accountOther reservesProfit and loss accountTotal
At 1 January 2013177.1129.664.0370.7
Dividends paid(24.0)(24.0)
Profit for the year21.021.0
Share-based payments3.53.5
Acquisition of own shares(3.5)(3.5)
Settlement of share options4.30.24.5
At 31 December 2013177.1133.961.2372.2

The other reserves are stated after deducting £5.5m (2012: £11.3m) relating to shares held in the Bodycote International Employee Benefit Trust. The Bodycote International Employee Benefit Trust holds Bodycote plc shares and satisfies awards made under various employee incentive schemes when issuance of new shares is not appropriate.

At 31 December 2013 2,035,618 (2012: 4,373,136) ordinary shares of 17 311p each were held by the Bodycote International Employee Benefit Trust and, following recommendations by the employer, are provisionally allocated to satisfy awards under employee incentive schemes. The trust waives payment of dividend. The market value of these shares was £13.6m (2012: £19.8m).

Included in other reserves is the capital redemption reserve of £129.4m (2012: £129.4m).